The Company Biography - SecBI and Alex Vaystikh

SecBI’s Autonomous Investigation technology provides automatic detection and investigation that drastically reduces security teams’ response times for comprehensive remediation. By applying SecBI’s network traffic analysis,  analysts will perform their job additional effectively and with efficiency.


Utilizing unsupervised and supervised machine learning algorithms and complex enrichment, SecBI augments security operations by enabling automatic threat looking and incident response. In today’s more and more IOT world, breaches from vulnerable sensors are best detected on the network level. SecBI presents analysts with all the affected entities and communications of each suspicious incident into a single narrative, enabling complete and rapid remediation. Performed on a network level for complete visibility for optimal malware detection.


Alex, founder and CTO of SecBI, may be a cyber-security veteran like an expert in applied analysis and product development. Alex has 10 years of experience in cyber security analysis and development, and previously served as a principal analysis soul on RSA’s Cross-Product information Science team, that led the RSA’s applied Machine Learning and information Science analysis. Alex designed RSA Security’s advanced reverse engineering laboratory for financial malware and crimeware. Alex then joined the RSA’s office of CTO at Principal analysis soul wherever he led the event of bleeding edge machine-learning about big-data solutions for RSA’s cyber-security merchandise. Alex holds various publications and patents in security hardening, machine-learning, network analysis, data obfuscation, and more.