Imaginea Ai - Business Career Growth History

Imaginea AI is a synthetic intelligence company, however, not as you may have known one within the past.  AI is a company driven to assist industries work higher, quicker and smarter, and that we do that through a platform designed to compile specialist world talent, leading-edge products, and driven business organizations.


This is concerning putting AI within the hands of everybody, creating it as accessible as buying an app, so issues may be solved, broken systems may be changed, and businesses may be higher businesses inside the Imaginea AI system, we offer an area for organizations to interact in purposeful, technology-driven partnerships so they will solve real-world issues we offer access to world AI technologies and specialist talent whereas,  consumers and sellers to interact with transparency and security.


Imaginea  AI co-founder and business partner Nav Dhunay assumed the role of President in January of 2018  came to it along with his own wealthy background and vital past achievements within the fields of AI and clean technology he is a highly-respected voice in each the technology and energy having based and exited many firms in his past that with success expected early rising trends in evolving technologies.


Imaginea  AI, Nav Dhunay, founder & CEO at Imaginea AI speaks about the need to overcome psychological barriers to embrace technology, how AI can pave the way for real transformation, how proper education around new technologies and collaboration is critical for improved implementation is one of the leading figures in oil and gas technology innovation and is a serial entrepreneur, having attained a hard-won collection of tech startup hits in his empowers


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