Point to Summarize About Nav Dhunay & Imaginea AI

Nav Dhunay has been known as the game changer by Oil and Gas Magazine he's a plan leader, serial entrepreneur, and technology visionary. He’s presently the CEO and co-founder of  Imaginea AI. A Calgary-based company that's on a daring mission to form a synthetic  Intelligence scheme. Nav Dhunay is one of the leading figures in oil and gas technology innovation and may be a serial entrepreneur, having earned a hard-won collection of school startup hits in his history. Most  notable amongst his startups may be a Calgary-based Ambyint opposition that delivered leading-edge IoT  and artificial intelligence to the oil patch and brought self-running oil wells nearer to reality.


Prior to Ambyint, Nav founded 3 successful technology startups, together with CanFlix, a  technology designed to make the basis of the globally recognized Netflix and NavNet, a  pioneering management and residential automation technology, which provides users the power to manage lights, music, and thermostats remotely from a mobile device. Currently in his sights is that the strategic and disruptive power of block chain as a platform for an artificial intelligence scheme via Imaginea AI, of that Nav Dhunay may be a co-founder. With an  entrepreneurial background founded in Silicon Valley and currently at home in Canada, Nav  maintains an implanted passion for fostering team innovation inside his companies wherever  experimentation is inspired, and collaboration created a cornerstone of company success.


Nav Dhunay, founder of Imaginea AI speaks concerning the requirement to beat psychological barriers to embrace technology, however AI will pave the method for real transformation, how correct education around new technologies and collaboration is essential for improved implementation. Nav Dhunay is one among the leading figures in oil and gas technology innovation and may be a serial business person, having earned a hard-won collection of tech startup hits in his repertories.