Key Factors Behind The Digital Enterprise

The Digital Enterprise is nothing more than an organization, an organization which makes technology a more competitive benefit for its enterprise.


Therefore, while IT has played a major part in digital development on the aspect of infrastructures, the Digital Enterprise relates to those businesses that in a manner or another tried out to discover, to even re-invent a model that will set technology and the digital in the middle to be able to grow, and even to develop what exactly is known as a “disruptive” model.


A digital system comprises of 9 crucial elements. Based on your company type and industry, many of these will be more related to you compared to others. The important thing is to stay competing, therefore it’s best if you study other similar businesses in your market to understand just how they use digital technologies. Aim to at least maintain pace with just what your business competitors are doing.


With this point of view, let’s look for the key elements that, nowadays, help make an organization, a Digital Enterprise, capable to be competitive.

  • Cloud computing
  • Selling online
  • Online presence
  • Supplier interaction
  • Digital marketing
  • Customer interaction
  • Online security
  • Efficiencies through technology
  • Mobile-based solutions

These are generally the essential things that now make an organization digital, factors that completely require all processes and all sections, from production to marketing and communications. A worldwide digital evolution process which has to invest the entire organization.